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Genres: Drama , Romance , War
Actors: Burt Lancaster , Montgomery Clift , Deborah Kerr , Donna Reed , Frank Sinatra , Philip Ober , Mickey Shaughnessy , Harry Bellaver , Ernest Borgnine , Jack Warden , John Dennis , Merle Travis , Tim Ryan , Arthur Keegan , Barbara Morrison
Director: Fred Zinnemann
Country: United States
Year: 1953
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10 (22413 votes)

It’s 1941. Robert E. Lee Prewitt has requested Army transfer and has ended up at Schofield in Hawaii. His new captain, Dana Holmes, has heard of his boxing prowess and is keen to get him to represent the company. However, ‘Prew’ is adamant that he doesn’t box anymore, so Captain Holmes gets his subordinates to make his life a living hell. Meanwhile Sergeant Warden starts seeing the captain’s wife, who has a history of seeking external relief from a troubled marriage. Prew’s friend Maggio has a few altercations with the sadistic stockade Sergeant ‘Fatso’ Judson, and Prew begins falling in love with social club employee Lorene. Unbeknownst to anyone, the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor looms in the distance.

Film Review

The most interesting thing about this movie is to try and understand why it struck such a chord in 1954. It's not a terrible movie, but suffers from some highly implausible scenes and dialogue. For example, at the end why doesn't Prewitt stop when the soldier yells "stop or I'll shoot"? Throughout the movie he displays remarkable self-control, so this very crucial scene makes no sense. And the really bad lines, like this one by Deborah Kerr, "Of course .. the baby was dead". You didn't know how to use the telephone to call a doctor yourself? On the good side, there are some fine acting performances, and the movie maintains dramatic intensity for most of its duration. But near the end there are a couple of turns which just dissipate the tension without really resolving the conflicts the movie worked so hard to set up. Quite a disappointment, I thought. Again though, it was just after the war, and I wonder how this movie struck viewers in 1954. To…

America in the 1950s developed into a land where conformity ruled. Suburbs with look-alike housing proliferated in the form of Levitttowns. People grew fearful of anybody who criticized the American way of life. These critics became easy targets for anti-Communist crusaders, like The House Committee on Un-American Activities, whose mandate it was to investigate anybody with suspicious activities that might threaten America. Meanwhile, the affluence and domesticity that swept America were reflected in lowered rates of divorce and homicide. Nevertheless, some Americans feared that people had sunk into a morass of complacency and conformity that came with the impetus of a consumer-oriented, materialistic culture. Novelists in the early 1950s challenged this ideology and dealt with individuals trying to maintain their personality in the midst of mass culture that oppressed them. These problems had lain dominant since before World War II. Former soldier turned novelist James Jones unleashe…

From Here to Eternity (1953)If you take out the last fifteen minutes, you have a terrific drama about an ill trained U.S. Army and some of the inside rivalries and chicaneries that go on with so many trapped and sometimes ambitious men. The number of stars is breathtaking, and there are so many subplots, they are needed to keep every section of the movie sharp, which it is. That's one marvel here, is that all these disparate parts make sense and have equal power.Montgomery Clift takes on the most tragic of the men, and the most obviously brutalized. And yet, in that way he has of being vulnerable and steadfast, he makes you really feel for him. Burt Lancaster as the good sergeant is steely and strong in that way we admire, and Frank Sinatra is given another of those roles that make him a likable nice guy who gets in trouble for the good of others. Throw in Ernest Borgnine and Jack Warden, and a host of secondary actors in top form.There are two women with roles, and both shine. D…

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