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Genres: Thriller , Drama
Actors: Vladas Bagdonas , Alfred Harmsworth , Julia Stiles , Philip Jackson , Iddo Goldberg , Joanna Scanlan , Jeremy Renner , Damon Younger , Juan Carlos Pardo Pardo , Forest Whitaker , Peter Coyote , Kharl Anton Leigh , Maria Fernandez Ache , Felix Eyjólfsson , Margrét Ólafsdóttir
Director: Baltasar Kormákur
Country: United States, Iceland
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 (3078 votes)

After a suspicious fatal car accident in Hastings where the identity of the victim was forged, the Quality Life insurance company sends their smart investigator Abe Holt to identify the body. The unique beneficiary of the one million dollars death benefit is the sister of the victim, Isold, who lives with her son Thor and her husband Fred in a poor cabin in the middle of nowhere. Along the investigation, Abe discloses the truth about the fraud, but feels sorry for Isold and Thor and tries to help them with tragic consequences.

Film Review

Director Baltasar Kormakur leaves Iceland to make an American movie, except he really doesn’t, and that’s a large part of the problem. Kormakur actually shot this film in Iceland, and it would take a hyper-credulous viewer to accept these stark landscapes as Minnesota. "Heaven" is a dark tale about insurance fraud. Dark in every sense of the word, as several early scenes are nearly invisible. The plot is murky; the cast’s accents are all over the lot, especially Forest Whitaker’s. Whitaker’s attempts at Minnesotan leave him somewhere between Duluth and Dublin. The ending is intended to be richly ironic, but falls absolutely flat. For a far better experience, see Kormakur’s "101 Reykjavik."

"A Little Trip To Heaven" is a well-acted drama.The Plot: Abe Holt (Whitaker) is an insurance investigator who is sent to a small town to find out about a car accident. He meets Isolde (Stiles) and realizes that the truth could also be a scam.Forest Whitaker is excellent in the role. He brings a lot of sadness and humility to it. His accent, while unnecessary, works for him. Julia Stiles also does a good job, and Peter Coyote, as Holt's boss, is always worth watching. The climax\ending doesn't work but it could have ended worse."A Little Trip To Heaven" is definitely a hidden gem that's being thrown onto the video market. It works well on the small screen however.For more insanity, please visit:

A LITTLE TRIP TO HEAVEN is a strange little Indie film by Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur, a young director with some very fine ideas but with a script (written both by the director and Edward Martin Weinman) 'that is so spongy that the impact of the film relies on the considerable qualities of the cinematic images. Filmed primarily in Iceland with some scenes in Hastings, Minnesota, the mood is dank and dark and cold – and so is the story.We first meet insurance investigator ('adjustor') Abe Holt as he listens to his boss Frank (Peter Coyote) explain to a new widow why she will not receive full death benefits because the insurance company took photos of her husband smoking, the apparent cause of his death. Abe just sits in the background but we know he is in tune with the fraudulent activity of the insurance company. Almost immediately he is assigned to a new case: an ex-con with a million dollar life insurance policy has apparently been found dead in a car cr…

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