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Genres: Family , Western
Actors: Robert Logan , Heather Rattray , Mark Edward Hall , George ‘Buck’ Flower , Hal Bokar , Frank Salsedo , Fernando Celis , Loren Ewing , Tiny Brooks , John Kauffman , James Elk , Stan Cowley , The Indian People of Utah and Canada
Director: Stewart Raffill
Country: United States
Year: 1976
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 (210 votes)

In 1876 they crossed the Rockies. With hope and courage…they clung to their dream.

Film Review

I love this movie! Great shots of our Canadian mountain ranges, and an excellent family movie! It’s true you either like this movie or hate it, but it’s full of great lines from all three major characters. Storyline: (promise no spoilers 🙂 Zachariah Coop is a gambler on the run when he comes across two stranded kids. Holly and Jason Smith have been abandoned on the trail by a lowdown guide while on their way to inherit a farm and save it from the clenches of their mean old stingy Uncle. After unsuccessfully stealing (really, he was just borrowing 🙂 their horse, Mr. Coop tries to make peace with the kids. After saving Jason from a watery death the three began their journey together through the pass. Facing bears, wolves, friendly Indians, scoundrels and not just one, but two cougars a long lasting and sure to be interesting friendship is forged! Filled with a memorable soundtrack (the title track will stick with you, believe me) this movie represents some of the better non-Disney f…

I guess you could watch this with your family, but it won’t be enjoyed too much. The movie is slow and boring. Whenever it has something with the potential to be interesting, it ruins it somehow. The movie wasn’t well acted, but you couldn’t expect much I guess! 2 out of 5

Holly and Jason Smith (Heather Rattray and Mark Edward Hall, respectively) are a brother/sister combo out on the open trail. Trying to get to Oregon before their miserly uncle claims some land that is rightfully theirs, the kids run across a kind-hearted gambler, Zachariah Coop (Robert Logan). Although they get off to a rocky start, their relationship together grows out of necessity of their dependence on each other. They slowly learn to trust one another, and as a team make steady progress to Oregon. Director Raffill has directed quite a few of the outdoor, family adventure films as of late, and his love for nature shines through his lens. `Across the Great Divide’ had a few gratuitous `fear for your life’ moments, but definitely holds its own against other outdoor adventure films made in the 1970’s. For viewers looking for films with good morals, this also has lessons learned out the wazoo. Rating: 25/40

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