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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Farhan Akhtar , Deepika Padukone , Ram Kapoor , Vivan Bhatena , Vipin Sharma , Yatin Karyekar , Shefali Shetty , Siddhartha Gupta , Swapnel Desai , Kanchan Pagare , Haansaa , Abhay Joshi , Prachi , Zafar , Brijendra Kala
Director: Vijay Lalwani
Country: India
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (3007 votes)

Born in Delhi, but now living in Mumbai, Karthik Narayan is a much abused employee with ACL Construction, secretly in love with leggy Architect, Shonali Mukherjee, who has been going steady with yet another co-worker, Ashish. After purchasing a new telephone, Karthik gets a call from a male voice that resembles his, who instructs him to follow directions; tell no one about this phone call, and he will achieve success. He follows these instructions, is soon promoted, as well as befriends Shonali, and continues following instructions from this caller. After Shonali makes it clear that she loves him, he breaks his promise, and is urged to seek counseling by her. He reluctantly does so with a Pyschiatrist, Dr. Shweta Kapadia, who hopes to cure him by visiting him early morning in his flat – not realizing the shock and trauma that await the duo.

Film Review

Despite being a different movie and a brave attempt, i cannot say that movie entertained me. The acting was satisfactory but nothing exciting, In an attempt to give movie feel of REALITY, the the plot looses itself many times in movie, many scenes were unnecessary and concept is not worth making a movie about….Farhan akhtar who is more then capable director with movies like 'DIL CHAHTA HAI' under his belt is expected to make better movies….and the last scene of movie makes sure that its a typical Hindi movie where hero always survives, the movie would have left greater impact, if karthik would have died…(and the phone would have rung again……at 5AM 😉 )

John Houston's Maltese Falcon (1941) has a memorable scene. Humphrey Bogart's Sam Spade creates quite ruckus outrageously shouting at the "Fat man", breaking a glass for the effect snapping he means business and giving him a deadline. He walks out with a grin on his face facing audience happy with the bluff-show he put up just in there. Protagonist Karthik is no Sam Spade. He is shy and reserved, quite a loser in life. But after a 5 am call his life is turned upside down. He walks in the office, floors his boss with his worth, bags the job, money, new luxury cabin, position and then like in the same vein as Bogey chortles with the getaway and so are we.Before this transformation we meet him as a sad figure for sure. We see him being bullied then fired by his boss. Alone on his birthday with zero social-life and unnoticed by his long crush (Deepika, gorgeous presence) after years of working in same office. He tries to commit suicide. A call saves his life. Strange t…

The movie starts and ends with a Rubik's cube..You may wonder why? Well you have to go and watch yourself what it takes for a movie to be totally astonishing..It is a 120 minutes movie but seems like 120 secs..The debutant director Lalwani has done a great job..He has not let the 'suspense' element spill out till the last minute..You start wondering where the movie is heading , but at last you can easily arrange the puzzle's pieces..He needs a applaud for doing the job..Farhan is excellent in looks and acting..He is a simple guy who is satisfied with his life..He doesn't have a mobile phone in this 21st century..He has to be contacted only through land line..This is the soul of the movie..Works for a real estate agency in Mumbai..He likes a gorgeous girl in his office , but is unable to express his love to her..So he just types a email daily and saves it to draft..Every one in the office utilize his 'modesty' to extract a lot of work from him in whic…

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