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Genres: Drama
Actors: Nurgül Yesilçay , Baki Davrak , Tuncel Kurtiz , Hanna Schygulla , Patrycia Ziolkowska , Nursel Köse , Ali Akdeniz , Aliye Alioglu , Asuman Altinay , Onder Cakar , Erkan Can , Emre Cosar , Gengiz Daner , Sevilay Demirci , Elcim Eroglu
Director: Fatih Akin
Country: Germany, Turkey, Italy
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10 (17494 votes)

Nejat seems disapproving about his widower father Ali’s choice of prostitute Yeter for a live-in girlfriend. But he grows fond of her when he discovers she sends money home to Turkey for her daughter’s university studies. Yeter’s sudden death distances father and son. Nejat travels to Istanbul to search for Yeter’s daughter Ayten. Political activist Ayten has fled the Turkish police and is already in Germany. She is befriended by a young woman, Lotte, who invites rebellious Ayten to stay in her home, a gesture not particularly pleasing to her conservative mother Susanne. When Ayten is arrested and her asylum plea is denied, she is deported and imprisoned in Turkey. Lotte travels to Turkey,where she gets caught up in the seemingly hopeless situation of freeing Ayten.

Film Review

After his father accidentally kills a prostitute, a Turkish professor in Germany tries to find her daughter to make amends. The film intertwines two plot threads across two countries. Akin, a German director of Turkish descent, shows his understanding of both countries and their cultures, as he expertly balances the parallel stories while invigorating the proceedings with a fresh perspective. Davrak does an excellent job of conveying the decency and compassion of the professor. Also fine are Yesilcay as the prostitute's daughter and Ziolkowska as her friend. Schygulla is particularly touching as a German woman coping with the death of her daughter. It ends rather abruptly.

Considered one of the best films of last year, it won 19 awards, primarily for writer/direct Faith Akin's screenplay.It had some standout performances, especially from Tuncel Kurtiz as the drunken father Ali who manages to kill his live-in lover, Nursel Köse, in a drunken rage. She won a Turkish Golden Orange for her performance. Hanna Schygulla, who has won many awards, also got one from the National Film Critics for this one.After her death, with his father in prison, the son Nejat (Baki Davrak) goes to Turkey to find the daughter Ayten (Nurgül Yesilçay). He runs smack dab into the Kurdish problem. As he is looking for her, she heads to Germany to find her mother.She meets Charlotte (Patrycia Ziolkowska), who brings her home, much to Mommy's (Schygulla) dismay. After Ayten is arrested and deported back to Turkey, Charlotte follows. That loving between them must have been really special.Now two people are in Turkey looking to see her. I am curious how they wi…

Like a golden eagle, "The Edge of Heaven" is a rare bird; its optimism builds organically from the stuff of real life. It refuses to be condescending to the viewer; it refuses to offer smug platitudes or sham certainties dressed up as virtue or wisdom. That is the snake oil pushed on us by many simplistic, "feel-good" films. Instead this movie authenticates the only kind of optimism worth serious consideration – that life-affirming resolve which looks reality dead in the eye and still chooses to reach beyond self-interest – a hard-won and gritty affirmation indeed.The acting here is superb and attains an excellence seldom achieved in Hollywood. These players are clearly not wrapped up in their celebrity status or trying to project a star persona. Strangely enough, they're actually devoting themselves to the craft of acting itself – even if that means looking genuinely disheveled or showing what their complexion really looks like without make-up. Especially exc…

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