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Genres: Action , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Charlton Heston , Karen Black , George Kennedy , Efrem Zimbalist Jr. , Susan Clark , Helen Reddy , Linda Blair , Dana Andrews , Roy Thinnes , Sid Caesar , Myrna Loy , Ed Nelson , Nancy Olson , Larry Storch , Martha Scott
Director: Jack Smight
Country: United States
Year: 1974
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 (4776 votes)

A mid-air collision involving a a small plane and a commercial jetliner leads to potential disaster, as a plane loaded with passengers and no pilot becomes the worst nightmare for a flight attendant tasked with flying the craft.

Film Review

A 747 jet in flight is struck by a smaller plane, leaving a large gaping hole in its cockpit, and nobody left to fly it except for one very nervous stewardess (Karen Black). Old reliable Charlton Heston heads this all-star cast, though most of the others collecting a paycheck weren't very big. We've got passengers like Jerry Stiller, comedian Sid Caesar, Gloria Swanson (playing herself), Norman Fell, Helen Reddy (playing a singing nun with a guitar), Linda Blair (as a sick girl awaiting an urgent kidney transplant), Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Dana Andrews, and yes – that's even Heston's gal Nova from PLANET OF THE APES (as Ms. Swanson's secretary; she changed her name from Linda Harrison to "Augusta Summerland" for this flick).Heston is a pilot who's in love with stewardess Black, though not on board at the time of the tragedy. When she gets into a heap of trouble it's up to Chuck to help her fly the airplane herself by talking her through it ove…

Airport 1975 starts at Washinton D.C. airport where a packed Boeing 747 takes off en-route for Los Angeles, meanwhile elsewhere a small plane piloted by Scott Freeman (Dana Andrews) also takes off. Scott has a heart attack at the controls of the plane & crashes into the Boeing 747 head on causing damage to the cockpit including a large hole, badly injuring the pilot & killing the co-pilots. The Boeing 747 is now pilot-less & stewardess Nancy Pryor (Karen Black) takes charge of the controls & speaks to the control tower over the radio, the plan is to land the Boeing 747 at Salt Lake City but the plane & it's instruments are damaged & Nancy has never piloted a plane before. As a desperate last resort the people on the ground decide to winch a pilot into the Boeing's cockpit through the hole in order to take control of the Boeing & land it safely but it's a dangerous plan that could go wrong…Also known as Airport '75 this was direc…

Viewers of this film MUST take the experience with humor in mind. If you have seen "Airplane!," which this movie resembles, and can laugh at the unintentional comedy, Airport 75 is an OK way to spend 1 hour 50 minutes of your time. The movie reads like a who's who of 70's actors, who have assembled for Hollywood fluff, with some of the cheesiest dialog you have ever seen.Join Charlton Heston, George Kennedy, Karen Black, Sid Ceaser, Eric Estrada, Linda Blair, and perhaps the most cornball of anything imaginable, Helen Reddy as a singing, and guitar playing Nun! Airport 75 contains every soap-opera clique imaginable with every line forced upon the viewer typical of a weak disaster flick. "Help Us!!! Please Help Us!" "The Crew is Dead or Badly Injured!!!" "Oh My God!!! The Stewardess is Flying The Plane!" "I Feel Queasy, I Need A Drink!" The plot, which looks like it was held together with adhesive tape, involves a 747 with the t…

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