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Genres: Drama , Horror , Thriller
Actors: Marlon Brando , Stephanie Beacham , Thora Hird , Harry Andrews , Verna Harvey , Christopher Ellis , Anna Palk
Director: Michael Winner
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1971
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (699 votes)

Prequel to the Henry James classic “Turn of the Screw” about the events leading up to the deaths of Peter Quint and Ms. Jessel, and the the slow corruption of the children in their care.

Film Review

Marlon Brando's sole horror movie vehicle is a disturbing, eerie and underrated affair that deserves more praise. Intended as a prequel of sorts to Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw", it is often said to be a follow-up film to Jack Clayton's mesmerizing adaptation of the latter, "The Innocents". Thus, people wanting to see "The Innocents" all over again are bound to be disappointed. For starters, "The Nightcomers" is not even a ghost story to begin with, and can be described as being more of a dark drama with horror overtones, with the underlying theme of sexual-repression being one of the few things the two films share. Although Miles and Flora kill the two so they can at least be together, even if after death, the matter is not dealt in a supernatural way at all. In fact, considering how there are no ghostly manifestations of their dead parents leaves the audience to believe (well, at least those unfamiliar with either James&#…

In the Victorian England, the teenagers Flora (Verna Harvey) and her brother Miles (Christopher Ellis) have just lost their parents in a car accident in France. Their tutor (Harry Andrews) decides to leave the children alone in their huge mansion under the care of the old housekeeper Mrs. Grose (Thora Hird), the governess Miss Jessel (Stephanie Beacham) and the gardener Peter Quint (Marlon Brando). Miles and Flore are very connected to Peter, who misleads their education with twisted concepts of love and death, but the orphans believe and are fascinated by his knowledge. Peter is the lover of Jessel, and they use to have sadomasochistic sex. When Peter sees their kink bondage night of sex, he has a corrupted and perverted sexual initiation. When Mrs. Grose writes to the master of the house to fire Miss Jessel and Peter Quint, Flora and Miles plot a dark scheme to keep them together in the property."The Nightcomers" is a very dark tale about finding sexuality and losing innoc…

Another reviewer called this movie unnecessarily cruel because of its sexual depictions. I call it unnecessarily cruel because of its depictions of cruelty to animals. Cruelty to animals is never justified. Not in books or any story and certainly not in the visual arts. When I see it in a movie I would have otherwise enjoyed, I cannot recommend that movie. I believe the writer/director equates cruelty to animals with sexual deviations such as S&M. While I only very slightly and briefly experimented in S&M in my youth, I do not believe these two behaviors are connected. If someone becomes aroused during S&M activities (those depicted in the movie are rather tame activities at that; after all it is a movie) it has nothing to do with mindless harming of animals, which are innocent and helpless. Sexual deviation is strictly human in origin.Nevertheless, Brando looks very sexy. However, I am disappointed he participated in the graphic animal cruelty contained in the script.

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