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Genres: Comedy , Adventure , Drama
Actors: Roscoe Lee Browne , Paul Livingston , Charles Bartlett , Michael Edward-Stevens , Evelyn Krape , Russi Taylor , Miriam Flynn , Hugo Weaving , Danny Mann , Miriam Margolyes , Christine Cavanaugh , James Cromwell , Magda Szubanski , Zoe Burton , Paul Goddard
Director: Chris Noonan
Country: United States, Australia
Year: 1995
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (61934 votes)

Farmer Hoggett wins a runt piglet at a local fair and young Babe, as the piglet decides to call himself, befriends and learns about all the other creatures on the farm. He becomes special friends with one of the sheepdogs, Fly. With Fly’s help, and Farmer Hoggett’s intuition, Babe embarks on a career in sheepherding with some surprising and spectacular results.

Film Review

Babe (1995)This is an adult movie for kids, as well as the other way around. The story is so charmed and charming, the construction and editing so brilliant and intuitively fluid, the acting so storybook and perfect, and the special effects so special they don't quite seem like effects, you might call the movie flawless.The star is a pig, yes. The voices of all the animals are cute, and come on so reasonably you might have to remind yourself that animals don't talk. The heros are flawed and the bad people aren't so terrible. The light is golden when it needs to be and gloomy when it needs to be. The lead farmer, Mr. Hoggett, played by James Cromwell, is a model of reticence and folksy wisdom, and he really does lead the movie, whatever the title role of Babe, who remains, after all, a pig. But there are so many small pieces that make this larger production special it's hard to know where to begin, though the three mice acting as a kind of Greek theater choir betwee…

I remember in the summer of 1995, I wanted to see the movie "The Rock" and my girlfriend at the time would only go see it with me if I saw some pig movie called "Babe". Whatever, I thought, I'll suffer through it, as long as I get to see my movie. I am happy to admit that "Babe" absolutely blew me away. Fantastic story, wonderful special effects, and an absolutely brilliant performance by James Cromwell. Never has an actor conveyed so much feeling and emotion with so little to say. As much as I love Braveheart, this was truly the best film of 1995, and one of the best of the entire 90s. I remember that day I first saw it I wanted to stand up and cheer at the end. I'm 31 years old now and I still watch this movie every single time I see it on TV. And I still tear up at the end. My 5 year old niece and nephew adore this movie as well. If you haven't seen it, believe me, you will love this movie. It's impossible not to.

My wife and I adopted a two and a half year old Samoyed, and we noticed that he likes certain types of movies. Well after living with us for a month, I am playing "Babe" for him, and guess what? He loves it! Tasha sits in front of the TV and he is absorbed by this movie. Why you ask, well I will tell you.Babe covers all of the farm animals voices and dubs them with human voices when they are having discussions with each other. The duck, voiced by Danny Mann, gets Babe (the pig) into trouble right off in the beginning.For some reason the old farmer (played by James Cromwell)takes a liking to the little pig after the pig helps save him his sheep from poachers. Even though Rex the lead dog (voiced by Hugo Weaving) doesn't trust the pig, Fly the mother dog (voiced by Miriam Margolyes) takes Babe under her protection. James Cromwell plays a very self reliant Australian Farmer who can fix everything by himself.Magda Szubanski plays farmer Hoggett's wife who has visions o…

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