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Genres: Fantasy , Drama , Comedy
Actors: Nauheed Cyrusi , Aashish Chaudhary , Delnaaz Paul , Nina Kulkarni , Shah Rukh Khan , Aman Siddiqui , Priyanshu Chatterjee , Rajpal Yadav , Satish Shah , Juhi Chawla , Amitabh Bachchan , Shaana Diya , Tejas Are , Shashi Kiran , Preeti Koppikar
Director: Vivek Sharma
Country: India
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (1533 votes)

Banku, his mother, Anjali Sharma and father move in to their new house — the Nath villa, unaware of the fact that the house is inhabited by a ghost. It is learnt the ghost is not too happy with his new housemates. But what the ghost is not prepared for is his unlikely friendship with Banku. Now Banku must uncover the reason why his ghostly friend is stuck and help him to attain salvation.

Film Review

Frankly speaking after some big recent flops, I decided to leave all my expectations at home before watching "Bhoothnath". And what a pleasant and quality surprise it was. Director Vivek Sharma's debut movie is purely as per the tradition of BR films, who believe in simple family dramas told in a sober way. It is not a scary movie at all, but on the contrary it is a loving, emotional family movie, mainly for the kids.As a cool breeze in the summer, here comes a novel script with a new outlook towards the "Atma" phenomenon. Don't expect a tried and tested formula, as the movie does have some fresh content with an emotional touch. The usual family drama is also there which can be termed as the trademark of BR films. But putting all together you will enjoy watching it with your family, especially with the kids.The main character of the movie is a 8 year old "Aman Siddiqui" playing "Bonku" who becomes friend with the spirit in his house. Ami…

Right from Scene 1, Shot 1 – I knew what I was going to expect. The very first scene of this movie shows two people trespassing into an abandoned home and being scared away by a ghost. Um, sounds familiar – awe, come one! You watched it in Casper, didn't you? Yep, so did I.Bhoothnath is a movie that loosely inspires itself from the 1995 Hollywood movie Casper. It's about a ghost (Amitabh Bachchan), who doesn't allow anyone inside his home but fails every attempt to scare a little boy out of the house. Soon, he discovers that this boy isn't afraid of him at all and then they develop friendship. Then there is this mother (played by Juhi Chawla), a principal (Satish Shah) and a variety of other supporting actors – and yes, I almost forgot to tell you, there is Shahrukh Khan as well. So to all those people out there who love these star studded no-substance movies – welcome aboard.The basic problem of Bhoothnath is that the spine of the story is very ver…

BHOOTNATH is a comedy genre movie which has a tragedy as its base. It shows the unfortunate condition of our modern society where children don't want to take the responsibility of their parents in old age similar to Kailash Nath whose son Vijay after studying in America settled there with his wife and avoided his parents. The limit of selfishness crossed when his mother passed away and he came back to India to earn profit by selling his home NATH VILLA. His father didn't allowed so as the memory of his wife Nirmala is attached to this home. This irritates his son and he decided to left him alone there.Here happens the TRAGEDIC EVENT ,when Kilash run behind Vijay to stop him ,he slipped from stairs and died but his son didn't listened to his last words. Till then his dissatisfied spirit roaming in the home decided that he will never let anyone reside there.THE TURNING POINT came when there comes a family of BANKU his kitchen-shy mom and slap-happy dad to live in the house. …

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