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Genres: Drama
Actors: Lale Temelkuran , Gonca Vuslateri , Ceren Demirel , Selen Uçer , Mustafa Kirantepe , Hasan Sahinturk , Murat Kiliç , Öner Ates , Erkan Bektas , Damla Sönmez , Kadir Cermik , Öner Erkan
Director: Inan Temelkuran
Country: Turkey
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (565 votes)

Film Review

Bornova Bornova, which shared the best film award with Reha Erdem's Kosmos in Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival this year is Inan Temelkuran's second feature length movie. The story is set in a neighborhood in today's Bornova,İzmir. Hakan (Öner Erkan)is a youngster who is just fresh out of the compulsory military service. He hopes to get a job as a taxi driver and make a decent living. As naive as he is, he has a huge crush on one of the local high schoolers. His closest friend and confidant is Salih (Kadir Cermik.) Though he looks kind at first, Salih is the rough and ready fellow of the neighborhood. Salih comes from a good family,yet he has been in illegal activities ever since his father got the sack from the state-owned TV because of his radical leftist stance. So,instead of poisoning himself in a factory or making meatballs for minimum wage,Salih would rather poison rich kids by selling them the weed.Murat (Erkan Bektaş ), who is Salih's ch…

Bornova Bornova is a good movie with its non famous cast, good story and new technical approach. Temelkuran built the movie with soft scenes in a suburbia where he lives. Dialogs are strong and sometimes disturbing especially female audiences but extremely warm. Bornova Bornova has an original story which we usually read on newspapers'3rd pages.If you like Demirkubuz movies you'll like Bornova Bornova.I believe Temelkuran starts a new line for the people who has a good story.Temelkuran shows us that Turkish Movies can be produced with low budget and non famous cast.You do not need a perfect hi-end camera and light systems, you do not need famous and expensive cast, you do not need CGI for a good movie.All you need is sincerity.Bravo.

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