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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Actors: Chuck Norris , Henry Silva , Bert Remsen , Mike Genovese , Nathan Davis , Ralph Foody , Allen Hamilton , Ron Henriquez , Joe Guzaldo , Molly Hagan , Ron Dean , Wilbert Bradley , Dennis Farina , Gene Barge , Mario Nieves
Director: Andrew Davis
Country: United States
Year: 1985
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (3029 votes)

Eddie Cusack is a Chicago police officer about to bust some members of the Comacho gang when the gang is shot up by a rival drug gang from the neighboring building, led by Tony Luna. Victor Comacho is the only survivor of the Comacho gang and his older brother, Luis, who is the leader of the gang, retaliates by killing Luna’s family and kidnaps Luna’s daughter, Diana. Cusack must face Tony Luna and Luis Comacho alone because nobody on the police force is willing to help him since he was the only cop who broke the code of silence by testifying against a fellow cop who killed an unarmed teenager, but Cusack is not really alone. A police robot called “Prowler” aides Cusack as he takes down the gangs.

Film Review

Chuck's best film. That may not say too much, but come ON.The action actually took a back seat to the plot about the alcoholic/burnt out veteran whom no one was willing to see the truth about. Great drama involving the rookie who wants to do the right thing and Chuck's reality check.The warring drug gangs were full of clichés even if it was done well. A bit of racial profiling too. Colombians killing everybody even closely related to their nemesis. And the Italian gang just being unable to leave well enough alone. The actors here (especially Henry Silva) did a great job with the material.A decent slam-banger with a lot of good scenes in it. And for once, Chuck's somnambulist acting was a plus. Clint was the original choice here. It's easy to imagine him in the role too. But then, Chuck always was the second string Clint.

Most people outside the industry write this film off. Not inside. It was only a step to Under Siege and The Fugitive. Still, Code of Silence is my favorite Andrew Davis film. Ask Brian DePalma or Quentin Tarentino what they think of Davis and Silence and I bet you will find respect. That Kostner is using him for his next movie is no mistake. Excellent scene building, shot composition, moving of camera, master shot intermix, the whole magilla. Now the DVD can be bought in most shops as a throw away for under $10. Yet, it is one of the tightest action films ever made. Davis has no limit of talent. I remember Ralph Foody and Nathan Davis because of Andrew Davis. The same is true with his movie Under Siege: you just can't find something wrong with it. You might feel the content is vapid, but the director brings the stuff alive. Ask Tommy Jones what he thinks of Andrew Davis? Born in 1947, Davis has a lot more films yet to direct. Check him out.

This is an awesome Norris Film,and it’s the best Chuck Norris movie i have seen so far!. It’s got great character development, and awesome performances, plus this is also the Best Norris performance i have seen so far!. it’s loaded with action however, it actually has a great plot, and you really care for the main characters, plus the finale is very exciting!. Henry Silva is very menacing as the main villain, and a lot of critics found this to be Chuck’s best, plus Chuck and Molly Hagan have pretty good chemistry together. Chuck was really turning into a fine actor at this point (In my opinion) and it shows here, as he carries the film in my opinion, plus he had a great director in Andrew Davis. This is an awesome Norris film, and it is the best Chuck Norris movie i have seen so far, and it’s a must see!. The Direction is great!. Andrew Davis does a great job here, with great camera work, good shots during the action scenes, and keeping the film at a great pace!. There is a little bit…

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