Download Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame Full Movie | Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame Movie In High Quality

Genres: Action , Crime , Mystery
Actors: Tony Leung Ka Fai , Chao Deng , Carina Lau , Bingbing Li , Andy Lau , Jean-Michel Casanova , Sos Haroyan , Jialin Zhao , Yan Qin , Jinshan Liu , Deshun Wang , Shenming He , Lu Yao , Yanming Jiang , Huang Yonggang
Director: Hark Tsui
Country: China, Hong Kong
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (4579 votes)

An exiled detective is recruited to solve a series of mysterious deaths that threaten to delay the inauguration of Empress Wu.

Film Review

Call me crazy,but I like the hyperactive direction of Tsui Hark. For some reason for this movie he has calmed down considerably. Is this a good thing?Well,judging from some reviewers it is. To me personally it is quite the opposite. Not once did I felt the joy as his older movies did provide. The movie takes itself too seriously. Of course this is done to enhance the mystery. Except that the ultimate mystery isn't that compelling to start with. And partly this is because of the fantasy elements that are used to explain certain things. The movie itself is entertaining enough but far from what one would expect. Especially when this movie lends itself to do the crazy stuff we are used to from Hark.

producer and director, the script keeps you until the end. It's all about history, real facts of Chinese story and adapted in a fantastic manner. The fights are there we do not get bored with the best famous actors at the moments. It's difficult to predict the end. The movie is made with talented touch, it's not an American style movie. Chinese art at his top with great actor, good moment to spend in cinema. Now we are thinking, what is everything was really like this ? The final is not usual and it keeps on on good mind. We hope to have more movie like this, it's refreshing and good. Incredible statue of budha representing the extreme acts of this time of the history. So what next Mr Tsui?

I loved many of Tsui Hark's epics from the 80s/90s, but haven't seen anything from the director recently, so I probably went in with fairly neutral expectations.This was an enjoyable ride. Like others have noted, it's comparable to a Chinese "Sherlock Holmes" (the recent Guy Ritchie version), or a movie-length, Tang-dynasty-set "CSI". Overall, it was a rather original experience – more than I can say for most movies nowadays. There are several intriguing characters and the pace and acting are solid. While the central murder mystery – whodunnit and howdunnit – is not exactly a head-scratcher, it does provide a good structure for some exciting and beautiful visuals.Was the CGI completely up to the director's vision? Definitely not, but to naysayers, I say, loosen up! The budget for this movie is less than that of a typical Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy! I appreciated and enjoyed the whole movie enough that I wasn't overly distracted by the…

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