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Genres: Drama , Biography , Crime
Actors: Bob Hoskins , Ben Affleck , Diane Lane , Adrien Brody , Neil Crone , Zach Mills , Molly Parker , Kevin Hare , Caroline Dhavernas , Eric Kaldor , Larry Cedar , Phillip MacKenzie , Lois Smith , Kathleen Robertson , Robin Tunney
Director: Allen Coulter
Country: United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (22768 votes)

Struggling private investigator Louis Simo treats his work more as a means to make a living than a want to do right by what few clients he has. Through connections with the investigation firm for which he used to work, Simo is hired by Helen Bessolo to investigate the death of her son, actor George Reeves. Reeves was best known for his title role in “Adventures of Superman” (1952), a role which he always despised, in part since it typecast him as a “cartoon”, despite it bringing him a certain fame. His June 16, 1959 death by a single gunshot wound while in his bedroom in his Los Angeles home was ruled a suicide by the police, the death which occurred when the house was filled with people. Reeves’ story is told in part in flashback as Simo, who is trying to make a name for himself with this case, talks to or tries to talk to some of the players involved, most specifically the wife of MGM General Manager E.J. Mannix, Toni Mannix, with who Reeves was having a relatively open and gift-lucrative affair (she bought him that house), and Reeves’ fiancée at the time of his death, Lenore Lemmon, an aspiring actress who some felt didn’t love Reeves (or visa versa). As Simo proceeds with his high-profile investigation, he learns that someone doesn’t want him snooping around. Through the process, Simo evaluates his own professional and personal life, the latter which includes a somewhat strained relationship with his wife and son.

Film Review

This strong cast does well in bringing their characters to life. I have to admit that when I heard that Ben Affleck was going to play George Reeves I had my doubts. Just a few minutes into his performance removed all traces of doubt. With the help of a little prosthetic makeup on his nose and excellent use of body language Affleck became the despondent Reeves. He was able to switch between the public, confident Reeves and the more self doubting private man with ease. He demonstrates here that he has the talent to carry a film like this. Diane Lane is simply put perfect in her portrayal of Toni. She plays older than she is, a daring move for any actress in her forties. She commands the screen with her talent and makes the audience believe that she belongs in the glitz ad glamour of the times. Adrien Brody plays the role he does best here, a man conflicted as the one he is investigating. As he delves deeper into the life and death of Reeves he comes to discover that they had a lot in co…

This is just so clever you can't believe it, and everybody is so damned good, you can't believe that either. And to think it was directed by a TV man, who wasn't even a feature director, Allen Coulter. How do these miracles happen? Well, it helps if you've got Ben Affleck giving the best performance of his life as George Reeves, if you've got Bob Hoskins scaring the hell out of you as a power-crazed movie studio executive, if you've got the amazing Adrien Brody in there, making you keep watching just when you thought you could sip something or munch on a cashew. And then there is Diane Lane, 100% convincing as a desperate dame who is becoming a certain age. The mix is there. And it all happens. There is an attention to fine detail and delicate touches. For instance, when Brody opens and looks at an 'Eddie Mannix' file, we get a quick glimpse of a page which suggests that Paul Bern, Jean Harlow's husband, didn't really kill himself (in 1932) but …

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