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Genres: Fantasy , Action , Adventure
Actors: Kevin Sorbo , Tia Carrere , Thomas Ian Griffith , Litefoot , Roy Brocksmith , Harvey Fierstein , Karina Lombard , Edward Tudor-Pole , Douglas Henshall , Joe Shaw , Sven-Ole Thorsen , Terry O’Neill , Pat Roach , John Hallam , Peter Petruna
Director: John Nicolella
Country: United States
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 (4817 votes)

A barbarian named Kull unexpectedly becomes a king after an old king (whom Kull has just killed in a battle) gives his crown to him. But direct heirs of a killed king, trying to topple Kull and regain the throne, bring an old witch-queen Akivasha back to life. Their plan backfires, however, as Akivasha is going to allow their lords – demons – to rule the kingdom. The only thing that can stop her now is a breath of the god Volka.

Film Review

i wasn't too impressed with this is in the style of both the Conan movies,but i didn't like it anywhere near as much.there was lots of action,but i still found it to be slow and becomes a bit more interesting from the halfway point on,but barely.i didn't find the acting very good,although Kevin Sorbo was good as the title character.but it was Tia Carrere who i thought was very impressive as the evil Queen.however,the only real reason i stuck it out was i noticed that the beginning credits listed Harvey Fierstein in the movie.he doesn't show up until about halfway through,but i liked him in his role.otherwise,the movie is tedious and very hard to get through.for me,Kull the Conqueror is a 4/10.

Viewed 28.3.05.I know nothing of the literary provenance of this movie, Sword n Sorcery not being my thing. But I do have the necessary ability to switch off reality and overlook the silliness of all the made-up names and fake mythology. This particular foray seemed glossy, glamorous and to promise much.Especially when the wizard shows us the cave full of ancient mummies of dead demons that one imagines are going to come back to life later on. For a starter he resurrects the boss-witch who passes through some great metamorphoses before wisely settling on the form of Tia Carrera. as ever, ineffably gorgeous dominatrix diva. Alas, she didn’t get to torment men much and that orange hair-do was a total distraction.Lot of scrapping, well choreographed but not my cup of tea, passing by way of an ice-God’s magic breath to a fiery showdown. Then I realise, where are the demons? Mashabasha or whatever her name was had kept harpy-ing on about her Hellish court on Earth but she just didn’t deliv…

On the scale of sword and sorcery flicks, this ranks below 'Conan The Barbarian', above the dreary 'Red Sonja', about on par with 'Conan The Destroyer'; which is to say that it's an energetic fantasy film that doesn't take itself seriously and can be a lot of fun if you let it be.Kull of Atlantis seeks to join the army of Velusia, but instead, through an unexpected turn of events, he finds himself proclaimed king of the empire instead. Holding onto his new throne will be much harder than taking it, as the blood heirs to the empire make a deal with a wizard to revive a 3000 year-old demon who seeks to kill King Kull and claim the empire for herself.'Kull the Conqueror' originally started out as 'Conan the Conqueror', but after Arnold refused to reprise the role, the script was changed to accommodate Howard's other barbarian hero, Kull. As such, much of the story is actually taken from the Conan stories ('The Hour of …

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