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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Victor Moore , Beulah Bondi , Fay Bainter , Thomas Mitchell , Porter Hall , Barbara Read , Maurice Moscovitch , Elisabeth Risdon , Minna Gombell , Ray Mayer , Ralph Remley , Louise Beavers , Louis Jean Heydt , Gene Morgan
Director: Leo McCarey
Country: United States
Year: 1937
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 (2718 votes)

At a family reunion, the Cooper clan find that their parents’ home is being foreclosed. “Temporarily,” Ma moves in with son George’s family, Pa with daughter Cora. But the parents are like sand in the gears of their middle-aged children’s well regulated households. Can the old folks take matters into their own hands?

Film Review

… Old rivers grow wider every dayBut old people just grow lonesomeJohn Prine, "Hello in there".My favorite MacCarey drama,better ,IMHO,than his beloved works such as "Going my way" "the bells of St Mary's" "An Affair to remember".Its influence was important in Europa ,notably in France (René Allio's "La Vieille Dame Indigne" ) or in Italy (Luigi Comencini's "Buon Natale,Buon anno;Vittorio de Sica's "Umberto D" ).Unforgettable scenes:The bridge game during which the old lady gets in the way.The sound of her rocking-chair,the phone call,the children ashamed of their mum,all rings true,all leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.The letter ma sent to pa :"I cannot read anymore,you'll read the rest when your glasses are fixed " the old man's buddy says as the news become more and more depressing .One should notice here McCarey's skills;a tearjerker maker would have shown us through t…

Make Way for Tomorrow (1937)This is a movie about resignation. Even the title implies that times change and the old gets swept aside. Like it or not.And if there is truth to that, there are also too many other factors at play, even in this family tear-jerker, to quite go along innocently for the ride. The plot, and the dilemma faced by children of aging parents who need a place to live, is timeless, even if their solution (to split the parents up) is a huge contrivance that should make most children (and parents) shake their heads in disbelief. The play of problems and affections across generations is believable and interesting enough, but again, for me, a bit canned. I try to see that this is a fresh approach for 1937 and I can't quite do that either. But it has to be said that Orson Welles, among many others, have been greatly moved by the film, perhaps for its ultimate pessimism (not for the way it was filmed, I assume). And in fact the very best scenes, almost all of them wit…

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