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Genres: Comedy , Romance , Sci-Fi
Actors: John Malkovich , Ann Magnuson , Glenne Headly , Ben Masters , Laurie Metcalf , Polly Bergen , Harsh Nayyar , Hart Bochner , Susan Berman , Polly Draper , Christian Clemenson , Merwin Goldsmith , Sid Raymond , Sidney Armus , Robert Trebor
Director: Susan Seidelman
Country: United States
Year: 1987
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 (1454 votes)

A reclusive scientist builds a robot that looks exactly like him to go on a long term space mission. Since the scientist seems to lack all human emotion he is unable to program them into his android and an eccentric women is hired to “educate” the robot on human behavior. In the end she falls in love … but is the robot or the Dr. Mr Right?

Film Review

the movie was far ahead of its time. i just got to watch this film recently in wowow — a japanese cable channel available here in the philippines — and as i was watching the film, i thought that the movie was made in 1999 or later. i was very surprised to find in the credits that the film had a copyright year of 1987. amazing!i think that most of the themes of the movie: love, sex, finding the right person, being a loner, were tackled in a timeless manner, such that they are still applicable now as they were 14 years ago.all in all, a great movie. definitely, a must see!

Making Mr. Right is one of director Susan Seidleman’s funniest movies, perhaps even funnier than Desperately Seeking Susan. Plus, I love Seidleman’s style, with such goofy situations always set in beautiful atmospheres with bright, art deco settings and neo/retro (60s with an 80s modification) wardrobe for both female and male characters. They were part of what made her movies so interesting.Once again, Seidleman has directed another great romantic comedy with a terrific cast. Ann Magnuson is Frankie Stone, a woman who works in high class advertising. She has taken on a new project to help find the proper advertising angle for a new creation that is going to change the future–an android named Ullyseus (Malkovich), designed by a seriously detached scientist named Jeff Peters (also Malkovich). A scientist and an identical, eager android is already destined for great laughs as the situations lead to a few wild misunderstandings. To Peter’s dismay, Stone’s quality time with Ullyseus (so …

This film is about what happens when a chemical company hires a PR woman to program their Android when they are worried about losing funding for a deep space program. Right. Ok, as far as I was concerned with a plot like that it was doomed from the start. But I was surprised. It is a measure of the John Malkovich’s ability that when he was on the screen, even this movie lost some of its inane quality and actually had a few good moments. This is far from being a good movie but Malkovich does make it almost watchable.Also, there is also enough late 80’s technology present in this film that its interesting from a pop history perspective. Seeing folks at the wedding lugging around a camcorder that’s larger than my current VCR brought back memories. Also our heroine lugs an old-fashioned Filo-Fax everywhere. Remember those big wheels that held paper cards with contact data?

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