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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Salman Khan , Ali Larter , Nandana Sen , Ian Bohen , Shari Watson , Helen , Vikas Bhalla , Suchitra Pillai-Malik , Vijayendra Ghatge , Roopak Saluja , Kiran Juneja , Gulshan Grover , Rakesh Bedi , Catherine Fulop , Marc Allen Lewis
Director: Willard Carroll
Country: United States, India, United Kingdom
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10 (1019 votes)

Born in America, Marigold was the only child in the Lexton family. Her mom died when she was very young. She took an interest in acting and movies, much to the chagrin of her dad, who refused to do anything with her. She started acting in small budget movies as well sequels to popular releases such as Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct amongst others. She landed a part in Kama Sutra 3 and had an eventful journey to Mumbai, India, and from there by taxi to Goa. It is here she found out that the movie has been canceled, and she has no money to return home as she was provided with a one-way ticket. She lands a singing/dancing role in Manoj Sharma’s film, meets with Dance Instructor, Prem Rajput, who tells her that his grandma had predicted that he would meet and then get married to a woman named Marigold. She becomes attracted to him, even accompanies him to Jodhpur, Rajasthan, to his family home on the occasion of his sister, Pooja’s marriage. It is here she will find out that Prem belongs to a royal family, and his marriage had already been finalized with a woman named Jhanvi, and no one in this family has ever dared to go against arranged marriages and tradition. Written by rAjOo ( The film follows the story of Marigold Lexton, an American actress who gets stranded in Mumbai and lands a minor role in a Bollywood musical. She meets Prem, the film’s choreographer, and undergoes a personal transformation as she experiences Bollywood firsthand.

Film Review

Maybe I'm too old for this sort of story – it would well fit an American film for 12 year old girls, I expect. I am an American female, close to 60. Therein lies my problem. I am not an unkind person and I hate the thought of hurting someone. I see the same fellow wrote and directed it. I feel bad to say this about a project that he worked so hard on. Truly. But I must say this.Film comments:I thought it might be insulting to Indians – and I'm weary of the entitled, rude, thoughtless, bitchy American. Ugh. That's a tired cliché.I felt too many of the Indians were portrayed as immature, insecure, unprofessional, bumbling idiots. Another tired cliché.I can't address the acting at all – the writing was so terrible. Two couples fall in "love" after VERY brief acquaintance. The cultures are very different from each other. To MARRY a person in a different country with SUCH different cultures – I worry for the futures of these couples. I would be conce…

I just finished watching Marigold today and I'll begin by saying that I found this DVD on the shelves of Blockbuster. While strolling around looking for something new and good to watch, the picture of Ali Larter caught my attention.After drooling over Ali Larter, I picked up the cover and continued to glance around the cover. From the looks of it, I thought the costumes were a bit over the top. And then I saw the other Indians on the cover and figured this was some kind of spoof film or something like that.When I flipped over the the synopsis part and saw Salman Khan, I did a double take. Salman Khan in an American film with Ali Larter in a DVD at Blockbuster? Because Salman Khan is to Bollywood films like Mel Gibson is to Hollywood films, I had very high expectations for this film: it HAD to be good! I am very pleased to say that Marigold is a phenomenal film! It far exceeded any and all of my personal expectations!I suppose a film like this is what happens when you have a decent…

In his first directorial endeavour since 1999's TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDEN, writer/director/producer Willard Carroll followed the lead of 2004's BRIDE & PREJUDICE in attempting to take Bollywood aesthetics to a western audience. Independently produced but boasting strong production values and a recognisable Hollywood actress in the lead (Ali Larter), MARIGOLD (2007) is notable for taking a Hollywood star to India and putting a Bollywood leading man in the romantic lead of a film intended to reach a western audience. Sadly the film did not make an international star of Indian Salman Khan and in fact it was little seen. There are probably few people who have even heard of it, which is a shame. While it's less than perfect it's a pretty successful attempt at a Bollywood/Hollywood crossover and an entertaining romantic comedy in its own right.

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