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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Jason Robards , Paul Le Mat , Elizabeth Cheshire , Mary Steenburgen , Chip Taylor , Melvin E. Dummar , Michael J. Pollard , Denise Galik , Gene Borkan , Lesley Margret Burton , Wendy Lee Couch , Marguerite Baierski , Janice King , Deborah Ann Klein , Theodora Thomas
Director: Jonathan Demme
Country: United States
Year: 1980
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (2577 votes)

This movie tells the possibly true story of Melvin Dummar. Melvin is a nice guy, but he is a total loser: unlucky, impractical and can’t keep a job. One night, however, he helps an old man who has had a motorcycle accident in the desert. Melvin laughs when the old man says he is Howard Hughes, the eccentric multimillionaire. But when Howard Hughes dies, Melvin is mailed a will leaving him part of the estate!

Film Review

Demme's film has the unusual and primary quality of being satisfying and amusing and funny; we might call this quality gusto—it's a movie made with gusto. It has also a first-class appetite for the story and the world it describes. As a funny description of a portion of the provincial life, it is much more amusing and intelligent and well-made than all Eastwood's comedies—and than many more famous but stupid films.The most important thing here is the delightful character of Demme's film—it is a very simple, delightful and charming film. Another important thing is Demme's …maybe not really art, but certainly skill, craft: it is extremely obvious from this movie that Demme knows how to film things—such as the asphalt wet after the rain …. Demme knew how to film a landscape, a woman, a scene. It is a felicitous and good-hearted film; it won me from the beginning.Of course it's no more than a good movie; but the last few decades of Hol…

I don't understand why this film won so many awards. It's supposed to be a "comedy" but seeing these main characters live this hard scrabble, trailer trash lifestyle isn't really "funny" to me. Watching Mary Steenburgen's character leave her husband "Melvin" to move into some horrible motel room where she's slapped around in front of her young daughter, and then become a stripper in an equally horrible burlesque establishment, isn't something I want to spend the time or mental energy watching. It's bad enough to be stuck in one of these places when you're on a road trip and you need gas, and it's too late to find a decent place to sleep, it's disturbing to see this on film. Then the whole 70s free-sex concept, random sex with this milk man "Melvin"…the director makes the viewer wait through the entire film for the whole point of the title. While waiting for Howard Hughes to die, all these really depressi…

I set to watch this movie because of Jason Robards, brilliant actor who died in 2000. I was very excited to see how well known director Jonathan Demme would work with Robards and what I get isn't enough. The best parts are Robards parts (he's playing Howard Hughes) and there are only two times we see Robards in a whole movie. At the beginning and at the end. I don't understand that. The character of Melvin is totally stupid to me, there are thousand of men like him and he's just not interesting. What was interesting is character of Howard and I'm talking about Robards. Why is Robards so little in this movie? That answer probably only Demme knows. He is 7 minutes on screen and he deserved an Oscar nomination. What would he deserve for half an hour? That is also my question, but not last. Why did Mary Steenburgen won Oscar? For taking her clothes off? They gave her an Oscar because there weren't any real candidates for it. I must stop before I mention brilliant K…

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