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Genres: Comedy , Music , Romance
Actors: Justine Bateman , Liam Neeson , Trini Alvarado , Scott Coffey , Britta Phillips , Julia Roberts , Deborah Harry , Chris Nash , Michael DeLorenzo , Tom O’Brien , Kevin Haley , Peter Craig , Steve Cropper , Sheryl Ann Martin , Lia Romaine
Director: Joan Freeman
Country: United States
Year: 1988
IMDB Rating: 4.3/10 (2031 votes)

A couple of teenagers have a band, Mystery, with Jennie as the lead singer. They go to a bar on the coast and play during the summer. Jennie falls in love with the owner of the bar, Martin. They get an offer to play in Europe and perhaps become famous. But are they ready for it?

Film Review

As a female musician myself, i was drawn to the subject matter of this movie. Perhaps that’s why i liked it more than some would. This movie does not pretend to be a blockbuster. I found it entertaining and interesting and thought that for the genre it was in, it was quite well done. Bad reviews might come from those who prefer car crashes and serial killers. In that sense, this was refreshing.

I haven’t seen this in ages but I can tell you, as a teen I watched it over and over and over. I’m not sure how it would hold up to new viewers, though. It’s a really fun film about a girl band trying to "make it" and facing all the dilemmas that can pop up when a bands just starting to get a feel for themselves and their music. Each member has a unique personality that really meshes in a fun way. I hope they issue this one out on DVD at some point because I’ll be first in line to purchase.

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