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Genres: Comedy , Adventure , Action
Actors: Desiree Marie Velez , Sylvia Harman , Lance Henriksen , Francesca P. Roberts , Gianni Russo , Mojo Nixon , Dana Kaminski , Fiona Shaw , Richard Edson , Fisher Stevens , Samantha Mathis , Dennis Hopper , John Leguizamo , Bob Hoskins , Andrea Powell
Director: Rocky Morton , Annabel Jankel
Country: United States, United Kingdom
Year: 1993
IMDB Rating: 3.8/10 (25863 votes)

Can you make a movie out of a video game? Thats the question that is answered by this film. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, two hard working plumbers find themselves in an alternate universe where evolved dinosaurs live in medium hi-tech squalor. They find themselves the only hope to save the Earth from invasion.

Film Review

The incredible Bob Hoskins and the hilarious John Leguizamo star in the 1993 adaptation of the popular video game "Super Mario Bros." A lot of people haven't heard of this film, and for some good reasons- it was a critical and commercial failure, seems to only exist as a cult film now, has been disowned by many of its stars, and for it's greatest offense- complete and total disregard for its source material.The games were essentially fantasy, taking place in the magical Mushroom Kingdom ruled by Princess "Peach" Toadstool, and teaming with the various other character who inhabit it (such as Toad, Yoshi and of course Mario and Luigi, plumbers). The evil King Koopa (or "Bowser") will occasionally attack in some attempt to conquer the kingdom, but the heroic brothers Mario and Luigi are always there to stop him. That's about it for the story- it's very basic, very simple. It works. It's a tried and true formula. Just your basic knigh…

If you watch this movie as if it had no connections to the video game…It's not that bad. I loved the sets. The actors were great. And It's basically the same rescue the princess story but in a different setting. Like a more Modern Day Mario. Like I said it's the same Mario Brothers but in a different world. To me Bob embodies Mario perfectly. And So Does John as Luigi. All he needed was the mustache and maybe someone else's voice. It has some really cool action sequences. And I love the flame thrower thing. They could have done a better job on the goombas and koopa though. Look at it as a Mario reference movie. And not the Live Action Mario Movie. And most of all. Keep an open mind and enjoy for what is. And not what everyone thought it was suppose to be. Watch this and then watch the film again v=od-FughI-C8

So, *this* is what the movie of a SMB game should've looked like: Mario and Luigi, two lovable, Laurel-and-Hardy-esque plumbers from New York, take a job that involves a large, green pipe. By some unfortunate accident, they fall into the opening… only to emerge in a lush, flowering land full of verdant views and large, Alice-in-Wonderland-ish mushrooms. After meeting Toad, an ebullient native of this strange land, they learn that their princess has been kidnapped by a large, spiky-shelled creature named King Koopa. Vowing to earn their return to the home they know by rescuing this princess, Mario and Luigi overcome both the natural challenges of the environment of the Mushroom Kingdom as well as the attempts by Koopa's minions to thwart their advance. After overcoming the tests of mettle and might, and finding their way through labyrinthine castles, Koopa is defeated and the princess is found.See now, how hard was that? The game *itself* has pretty much everything you need…

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