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Genres: Film-Noir , Mystery , Romance
Actors: Cary Grant , Joan Fontaine , Cedric Hardwicke , Nigel Bruce , Dame May Whitty , Isabel Jeans , Heather Angel , Auriol Lee , Reginald Sheffield , Leo G. Carroll
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Country: United States
Year: 1941
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (14948 votes)

Johnny Aysgarth is a handsome gambler who seems to live by borrowing money from friends. He meets shy Lina McLaidlaw on a train whilst trying to travel in a first class carriage with a third class ticket. He begins to court Lina and before long they are married. It is only after the honeymoon that she discovers his true character and she starts to become suspicious when Johnny’s friend and business partner, Beaky is killed mysteriously.

Film Review

This overall was a highly enjoyable film, it was very suspenseful and once you learn what's going on you stay extremely interested in the film to find out what really happens. The acting was really good with an excellent performance from Cary Grant as usual. There were a few really interesting scenes in the movie; one which I thought was really interest although insignificant was in the beginning with all the animals it was crazy. Another somewhat eerie scene was when in the beginning as well, when Grant takes off her jacket and with the music and camera effects it was really strange. Speaking of camera-work, Hitchcock did a great job with his use of camera I liked all the different types of shots used (especially the nice pan shot when they kiss at her house) it was very "fluid-like". The music of the film was also really intense and really help give that extra effect for the scene. Really good film though and definitely worth a watch. If you can get past the somewhat …

While traveling to the countryside of England by train, the repressed and shy Lina McLaidlaw (Joan Fontaine) meets the reckless playboy Johnnie Aysgarth (Cary Grant) crashing her first class cabin with a third class ticket. When they meet each other again, Johnnie overhears a conversation of her father about her heritage and courts Lina that immediately falls in love for him. They get married and when they return from their fancy honeymoon, Lina discovers that Johnnie is a broken gambler that borrows money from his friends to live in a high-standard. Then she finds that he is also a liar and after receiving his old friend and partner in a real estate business Beaky (Nigel Bruce) in their home, Lina believes that Johnnie intends to kill Beaky. However, they decide to travel to Paris to dissolve their partnership. When two detectives come to their house to investigate the mysterious death of Beaky in Paris, Lina believes Johnny is the murderer and she will be his next victim."Suspi…

Joan Fontaine won the Oscar for this 1941 film. Why? Bette Davis was far superior in "The Little Foxes." In some ways, the film reminded me of "Rebecca," the film that Fontaine was nominated for the year before, and was so much better in. Note that Hitchcock directed both films. Fontaine seemed to specialize in vulnerable women until she broke out of that vein with Mario Lanza in "Serenade."Then, I was reminded of sister Olivia's Oscar worthy turn in "The Heiress" (1949) where she was also a vulnerable woman who had suspicions about a man (Monty Clift) but actually did something about it.The real kudos here should have gone to Cary Grant's splendid performance as the high flying gambler,a man who married his monkey-face after a brief romance. Fontaine seemed to be settling into a grim spinsterhood which was similar to Olivia in 'Heiress' before the man in her life came along. Compare the mistrust of dad Cedric Hardwicke to th…

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