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Genres: Action , Drama , Mystery
Actors: Radha Mitchell , Josh Lucas , Barry Watson , Kevin Anderson , Jonathan Blick , Eryn Wilson , Michael Lowe , Steven Ray , Dra McKay , Seraphine Rochery
Director: Scott Reynolds
Country: Australia, New Zealand, United States
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (1885 votes)

Beth, a young woman who owns a restaurant close by an abandoned highway, shelters Barry, a young man who arrives at her door hungry and wounded. Soon, a group of men appears. Barry claims that they are after him. The handsome leader of the group tells Beth a different story… Written by Anonymous As day dawns on a quiet beachside community, Beth (Radha Mitchell) opens her remote roadside diner for another day of business. Enter her first customer, Jack (Barry Watson), a disheveled twenty-something who appears very frightened. He claims that three angry surfers are chasing him–but when the surfers finally arrive at the restaurant, they don’t appear to be dangerous. The trio claims that Jack is a lunatic with a dangerous case of road rage, while Jack tells Beth that the surfers want to kill him. With no one to go to for advice or support, Beth finds herself in the middle of a situation that can potentially put her in great danger.

Film Review

This is one of my fave movies of all time, when reading the back of the case I was weary to rent it, but saw it had Barry Watson in it so I though why not…Boy I am glad i did rent it, I just wish the end was different, What happened to beth? Its a shame that she killed Peter

I caught this movie on the late movie. Never heard of this movie, I would guess it was a flop in theaters. But I really liked it overall, it may be a tired idea of small towns in the middle of nowhere, with a limited amount of charters, but it still stood up as a good over all film. If you're not into Hollywood "hero saves the day" cookie cutter type movies, this might be for you.I'm not going to give out what I saw, there are tons of spoilers, but I thought Volvo wagons where driven by environmentalists or doctors, not killers? Also, if this was modern time (2001), when dose a 1971 Dodge Polara become a squad car?

When Strangers Appear wasn't marketed very well to say the least – the trailer makes it out to be another Scream clone – and that's a real shame as this little thriller is an excellent film that really deserves to be more seen! New Zealand born director Scott Reynolds previously made the decent psychological thriller 'The Ugly', but with this film he really upped the bar. The beauty of When Strangers Appear is the fact that for most of the film, the audience never really knows what is going on, and that is exactly how a mystery thriller should be! The film starts off as we follow Beth to work. It seems like an ordinary (boring) day, until a strange drifter walks in. After giving him breakfast, he disappears when three surfers turn up. He claims that the surfers are following him and are also the reason for his stab wound. However, the trio of surfers have a very different story, as it transpires that the stranger appears to be a dangerous psychopath. After a shocking t…

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